The Collins family is traveling to the mountains of Colorado for the Holiday season. To help make sure their cell phone signal stays strong, Maximum Signal helps by installing their booster device in the family vehicle.maximumsignallogo-small


Cellular Reception Solutions with Maximum Signal

COCONUT CREEK, Fla.Oct. 31, 2016 – Maximum Signal joins the Operation Build team to demonstrate how to boost cellular coverage without causing disruption to cellular networks in your home, RV or car regardless of carrier.

Maximum Signal boosters are simple to set up and do not require a technician to install. The boosters provide the consumer with enough signal to keep constant connections. Each booster communicates directly with the cellular tower to increase or decrease power as needed to provide constant connection to the consumer’s device whether in a rural or a metropolitan area. If a cellular tower has too much traffic, the Maximum Signal booster will find the next cellular tower to communicate with. The ease and convenience of the Maximum Signal booster can allow you to use all of your devices whether at home or on the road to always stay connected.

Be sure to Tune in to this Operation Build episode featuring Maximum Signal airing on Saturday, November 5th on A&E Television Network at 7am ET/PT and again on FYI Television Network Saturday, November 12th at 7:30am ET/PT.

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About Maximum Signal

Maximum Signal has been selling cellular products such as amplifiers, antennas and cables online for over 10 years. They are the only authorized online retail outlet for the Cyfre Cellular Amplifiers and the only company that provides Maximum Signal amplifiers. Being experts in all things cellular, their signal boosting hardware is great for rural, suburban, and urban areas; Essentially, anywhere you would lose a mobile device signal being in a home or vehicle. Cyfre & Maximum Signal cellular amplifiers produce the maximum power allowed by Federal Law. Imitators use false test results from within their company. Maximum Signal amplifiers, antennas and cables use test results provided by 100% independent testing facilities.

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